Some of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had, both as a musician and as a person, were while
playing outside the concert hall and reaching out through community outreach activities. Whether it was
playing for elementary school kids in Mississippi or New Hampshire, homeless kids in the poor
neighborhoods of Memphis or special needs teenagers in Iowa, each student made a conscious and
successful connection with the music I played. It was miraculous to witness how the music of Bach,
Mozart or Beethoven could be understood on infinite number of levels and at any age. My main goal is to
give everyone the chance to be transported by the beauty and power of classical music.

"We had a great education outreach session with Alon at a local high school. He’s GREAT, can’t
wait for the performances!”

- Lorrie Langan, Rockford Symphony

"He is an amazing artist who plays with passion and sincerity and who provided our audience
with a magical evening. His gracious and open nature impressed everyone and made our
student performances highly successful. We would love to have him return to our series and our community.”

- Tom Kirk, Hart Community Performing Arts Series
Around The World in 50 Minutes
"Around The World in 50 Minutes” is a program
that visits different times and places through
music. Comparing the beauty of Bach to the
longing of Chopin, the showmanship of Liszt to
the lyricism of Schubert, and the mystery of Debussy to the rhythms of South America, this program highlights how the opposite sounds
and ideas of these composers influence and complement one another.

Includes works by:
Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Liszt,
Debussy and Ginastera
Beethoven: The Story Behind The Notes
"The Story Behind The Notes” takes audience members on a musical and historical journey
guided by a Beethoven Piano Sonata. This
program has an optional powerpoint
presentation to accompany it.

Beethoven - Piano Sonata (separated by movements, with speaking between)
A few of my experiences doing outreach activities I shared with in my blog:
- Reading late Beethoven to kids
- To Being Patriotic or Not to Being Patriotic