Feb. 24 || Winter Park, FL
Bach festival Orchestra 
John Sinclair, conductor
Brahms - Concerto no. 1

Mar. 10 & 12 || Silver Spring MD, Kansas City MO 
Solo recital featuring works by Schubert Chopin, Chen Yi, Philip Glass and Florence Price

Mar. 19 || Kansas City MO
UMKC Orchestra 
Kevin Noe, conductor
Prokofiev - Concerto no. 3

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NEW CD Naxos, Mozart - Concerti nos. 19&25:  "These interpretations are played in the best Mozart tradition. The performers remain true to themselves and represent their Mozart style in the most beautiful way: melodic, bright in sound, bouncy in articulation and with the necessary drive, but also sensitive where appropriate" 
© 2023 Pizzacato

NEW CD Naxos, Mozart - Concerti nos. 19&25: "…richly melodic music abounding in expression, energy, and emotion. …For those who love the Mozart piano concertos…this recording will not only prove rewarding in its own right, but it will complement and enhance other recordings of these concertos." © 2024 Classical Candor

Brahms - Concerto no. 2 with the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony: "Goldstein exhibited superb technique as the guest soloist for Brahms' endurance piece. Goldstein's fingers playing so lightly they could have floated over the keys. The pianist was so charming and engaging in the pre concept talk, you'd pay a whole other ticket just to see him talk and play solo." InFORum newspaper

Goldstein's delicate Tone (Elbephilharmonie):
"The pianist provides the highlight at the start of the eighth International Mendelssohn Festival. Goldstein finds a wonderfully muted tone. The sounds of which reinforces the intimate character of the piece. The way Goldstein traces the connection (Bach and Mendelssohn) is equally fine dramaturgically and pianistically. In the Mozart his playing pulsates and exudes sparkling spirit " Hamburger Abendblatt , September 2022

My YouTube Channel - Here you can find  Here you can find my Recital performances of Schubert, Chopin, Janáček, Avner Dorman, Debussy and Ginastera; Concerto performances ov Beethoven 5, Prokofiev 3 and fun teaching clips. 

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NEW CD OUT, December 2023
Volume 4 in the series of Mozart Concerti is released on Naxos. It features Mozart's rarely performed Concerto no. 19 in addition to the epic concerto no. 25, known as Mozart's "Emperor". Both concerti will be heard in a world premiere chamber version for Piano and String Quartet with Double Bass.